Wedding Planning & Event Planning in Pittsburgh

A Diamond's Touch provides Wedding Planning located in Pittsburgh, Pa as well as Event Planning.

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Hi, I'm Arline Hamlin the Lead Event Planner as well as Owner of A Diamond's Touch which was established in 2010. After my first 4 years of planning I decided to get in the Industry professionally. However, my passion for planning events started in my Junior year in high school after planning prom. After, high school being on the student board in college and being in charge of events I grew a passion for planning various events. The events that excite me the most is celebrations, from weddings to baby showers. Celebrations of new chapters of life are so amazing and I am always honored when someone lets me be a part of these moments. To help you with any event is honor as well as enjoyment.  My company is all about helping you with your special occasion. We have done wedding planning in Pittsburgh. We have done other event planning in Pittsburgh.  So we have a lot of designs we can offer you. If you are having trouble we try to bridge your ideas with our ideas. The idea for us is to make your event a success and give you the best customer service. We like to thank you for your time and we hope to here from you soon.

Our mission at A Diamond's Touch to plan for your wedding or event with our L.U.V. (which stands for Luminous Unique Vision) and your style, because wedding or event will be something you love and always remember. We promise to deliver a shine no one will forget. 

A Diamond's Touch WeddingPlanning/Event Planning is located in Pittsburgh, Pa. However, we do travel as well as serve the surrounding local areas. We are up for any challenge when it comes to an event's design. The types of events we design and coordinate are business, weddings, birthday parties, charities and more. Our goal is to bring ideas into real life production. We also try to host events in Pittsburgh whether it is for the community, charity or a business. Thank you and we look forward to meeting with you.